About Us

About Miller Picking

In 1961, when we opened our first manufacturing facility on an obscure side street in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, we started with five employees. By 1965 we had eighty-five. Between then and now, we have marked a few milestones along the way.

From the very beginning it was our intention to build the best product, backed up by the best engineering, sales and service organization that we could assemble. We wanted our products to be able to build their own reputation and live up to it.

As we grew in 1966, we broke ground for a major manufacturing facility outside Johnstown. It was exciting to watch the first customer order produced there for installation in a major shopping center in New Jersey. The load on each of these six trailer trucks was source of deep satisfaction to the people who put that custom air handling unit together.

  • By 1970, we added two major wings to that almost new building, in order to keep pace with the growing demand for quality Miller-Picking machinery.
  • Continued growth prompted us to add another major manufacturing facility in Hattiesburg, Mississippi in 1974 that is still producing custom air-handling units today!
  • By the 1990’s, our markets expanded to include industrial plants, hospitals, laboratories, educational institutions and a wide variety of commercial installations.
Today as part of the Johnson Controls family of brands, Miller-Picking is back to continue its legacy of providing engineering expertise to ensure optimum performance in the most economical custom air handling package. The resulting custom-built design, is the best overall package in relation to the initial investment. When operating efficiency, system life, maintainability, reliability and building space reserved for productive purposes are considered, Miller-Picking is the right choice for your custom air handling needs

Our Philosophy

Anticipate the demands of our customers with elevated performance, trusted design, and premium products.